Brazilian Multinational, specialist in microbiological control, has extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology. It is the only company in South America to synthesize Isothiazolinones, the main family of active biocide formulation.

IPEL works on a dedicated way to the develop products withinnovative and state-of-the-art ingredients.

In addition to the products, IPEL counts on the differential of its services that complement the performance of its products in a personalized way, guaranteeing quality and above of all, the safety in the microbiological control of the most diverse products.


IPEL’s mission is to offer Microbiological Control Solutions, which protect products susceptible to microbial proliferation, or conferring differentiated properties to them, adding value and quality, through modern and effective formulations, respecting mankind and the environment.

• Satisfied customers.
• Partner suppliers.
• Employee appreciation.
• Responsible social action.
• Sustained growth.
• Respect for the Environment.
• Continuous Improvement.

IPEL aims to be a recognized company as a reference in Microbiological Control Solutions, in the regions in which it operates.

To ensure a wide commitment of all, aiming:

Preserving the health and quality of life of our employees, working in asafe and sustainable manner, always in harmony with the community and the environment, complying with applicable legal and other requirements.

Continuously improve our employees, processes and products involving our suppliers, seeking out internal and external customer satisfaction.

Prevent pollution by minimizing the significant environmental impacts, resulting from our activities.

Achieve profitable results to maintain investments, innovations in products and services and promote the continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management systems.


The unique company specialized in microbiological control.

Being this the focus of the company, it has extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology regarding products and services for microbiological control.

IPEL has services that complement the performance of its products in a personalized way, ensuring quality and above all, safety in the microbiological control of the most diverse products.

IPEL has extensive laboratories, equipped with the most modern equipments.

In addition, it is the only company in Latin America to synthesize locally, the isothiazolinone family, which gives it raw material autonomy and competitive prices.

IPEL counts on highly qualified professionals and specialists in the markets of action.

IPEL is located in the city of Jarinú – São Paulo, strategic position to allow easy disposal of its production.

It is also present in several countries with distributors and local stocks around the world.

IPEL has one of the best delivery schedules which ensures punctuality and trust to its customers.

Customer service is centralized through NAC – Customer Support Center, which guides and handles with all demands of products ,services and technical assistance, in a quick and efficient way.


Início da Empresa
Ano 1988

fundação da ipel

iso 9000

Início da operação na Argentina

Início da operação na Espanha

Término da construção da planta de síntese

Início da operação na planta de síntese

Fábrica II

ISO 14000

Lançamento da Linha OLUS e Linha AGNANO IPEL

Início da operação na China

Lançamento da Linha ANTIMICROBIANOS

Lançamento da Linha 6000


Lançamento da Linha Olus


Lançamento da Linha 7000



IPEL is acquired by LANXESS

and becomes the GROUP’S FIRST LOCAL manufacturing plant
in SOUTH AMERICA for the BIOCIDE Business Unit




O Sistema de Gestão Integrado da IPEL contempla as normas ISO 9001 e ISO 14001.
Através do atendimento as exigências legais, de nossos clientes, e respeitando o meio ambiente, a IPEL busca sempre a melhoria continua de nosso sistema de gestão e a satisfação de nossos clientes.